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Coloring! These are the flat colors for John.

When coloring, some people usually do thee shading first starting with the darkest parts, and then work their way up to lighter areas. I tend to work backwards because I’m very cautious with markers, and this lets me darken an area if I need to, instead of it being too dark or not dark enough.

In the second picture, you’ll see all of the different markers I used on John and his hammer. One of the best things about Prismacolor markers (and I think Copics do this too) is that you can layer the colors. What that means is that if you have a dry patch you’ve already colored and you go over it with the same color, you’ll get a darker version of that color.

It looks like I used a lot of markers to color John, but I will basically be sticking with these colors while I work on the shading for him, too. In this way, I don’t need a ‘slightly darker’ version of each color to work on the picture; the markers already do that for me.

While it’s a really neat thing to be able to do, it means you have to work quickly when coloring, or else you’ll get some weird discoloration overlapping. You can kind of see it in his hair and in his hammer. However, these things are going to be shaded, so they will get covered up later on. Those kinds of discolorations can be ignored if they’re not too obvious or if you’re doing just flat coloring.

As an afterthought, I know John’s hair isn’t blue, but I wanted it to have a blue tint to it when I start coloring it, so I have laid down a basic blue for use down the line. That is another upside to being able to layer colors; you can tint and do some minor color mixing to really expand your selection of colors from just the ones you have.

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